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Goran Bregovic & Athens Symphony Orchestra & Chorus - ''Balkanica'' - ''Man from Reno''

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miercuri, octombrie 01, 2008


Yourself: cameleon
Your Spouse: passionate
Your Hair: brown
Your Mother:classical
Your Father: irrelevant
Your Favorite Item:  the pen
Your Dream Last Night: the  mountains 
Your Favorite Drink: Zipfer 
Your Dream Car: Ford Puma 
The Room You Are In: living room 
Your Ex:  s mate
Your Fear: without fear 
What Do You Want To Be In Ten Years:  artist
Who You Hung Out With Last Night: with  myself
What Your Not: diplomat 
Muffins: noty
One of Your Wish List (Items):  Japan
Time: urobores
The Last Thing You Did: play 
What You Are Wearing: pajamas 
Your Favorite Weather: hot
Your Favorite Book: Die unendliche Geschichte (Poveste fara sfarsit), Michael Ende 
The Last Thing You Ate:  apple
Your Life: puzzle 
Your Mood: sad 
Your Best Friend: Gina
What Your Thinking About Right Now: him(......l)
Your Car: none
What You Are Doing At The Moment: writing an answer
Your Summer: the best of the best 
Your Relationship Status: married
What Is On Your TV: comedy show
What Is The Weather Like: cold

When Was The Last Time You Laughed: today

Primita de la Claudel....mai departe celor din lista mea de blog-uri sau cui doreste!

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